Father’s Day Gift and Fun Ideas for Kids

It’s a good thing Father’s Day comes so close to summer–there’s no shortage of fun things to do, especially outside. Here are some ideas for ways to spend some time and celebrate with dad:

  • Father's Day fun ideasIf the weather is warm and sunny, pack a picnic for breakfast, lunch, or supper. A breakfast picnic could have hard-cooked eggs and cinnamon buns. For lunch, make some favorite fillings to spread on rolls. Supper could be some of dad’s favorite foods.
  • Does dad like to spend time in nature? The family could go for a hike, a bike ride, or off to a community park for some outdoor games.
  • Maybe dad really enjoys movies. Rent one for a show time at home, complete with popcorn and snacks.
  • Father's Day ideasIf dad is far away, kids can prearrange for a special time to call him. Just in case they need some help for things to talk about, have them choose 5 items to put in a box or basket, such as something made with lego, an art project, a special toy, a book, or a nature treasure. Kids can tell their dads all about these things.
  • Some children will have a dad who has passed away. Another adult can go with a child to pick out a baby tree or bush to plant in the yard or keep in a big planter.Father's Day ideas for kids

Dads appreciate gifts that kids make.

  • How about baking dad a whole batch of cookies for his lunches? Kids could draw some pictures on lunch bags that dad could use.
  • Cut out a tie shape on a piece of heavy paper and let kids decorate with colors and stickers.Father's Day ideas for kids
  • Find a picture of dad and the kids and put it in a frame.

These are a few suggestions. Hopefully, they will help you come up with some others. Happy Father’s Day!

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