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Doctor Writes Prescriptions for Kids: Go Outside and Play #2

Yesterday’s blog post shared from a Boston Globe article how some doctors are writing prescriptions for kids that say: Go Outside and Play! Some ways that kids can do just that are: going for a walk around the block, blowing and chasing bubbles, collecting nature items, playing hopscotch, and making an obstacle course in the yard. Playgrounds and parks are also great ways for kids to be active and spend time outside. Here are some more ideas that readers shared for fun physical activities.

  • outside activities for kidsTake a hike. Younger toddlers may not be able to go as far as older preschoolers but a hike can be a choice for the whole family. there’s the added advantage of all the nature fun and learning too.
  • Build a sand castle. This can also involve the whole family, or several families if there’s lots of sand. If there’s enough space, kids also like to throw rocks into the water, watch the ripples, and hear the kerplunks.
  • summer fun activities for kidsGo fly a kite. There are some simple kites that kids can make themselves with just a bit of adult help. Grownups fly really big ones!
  • Splash in the kiddie pool, run thru the sprinkler, or attach a pool noodle with holes to a garden hose. This is especially wonderful on a hot day.
  • Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ down a  big hill. Did Jack and Jill really have to go up the hill for water or was that just an excuse so they could tumble after?
  • When the sun goes down, kids can have a race with their shadows. Who wins or is it a tie?

These are a few more ways that kids can play outside. Outside play can involve more supervision but there are tremendous health and social benefits for all of us, especially kids. Are there some other outside play activities that you would like to suggest?

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