Summer Fun and Learning Outside for Kids: Bubbles

There are so many activities that can happen outside in the summertime for fun, learning, and for those kids who will be starting school, for kindergarten readiness too. Blowing bubbles appeals to kids of all ages; it can be done many times and kids will still want to do it again.   summer fun activities for kidsA bubble is so much more than soap and water. For something so small, there is a big feeling of accomplishment when a child succeeds in creating that shimmering bit of rainbow that floats away in the air. Kids get really excited when it first happens and will proudly exclaim, “I did it.”

Blowing bubbles needs a good deal of concentration. Kids need to pay attention to what they are doing or they risk missing the action. The bubbles appear as if by magic, and kids practice focusing on something that is close and in front of their eyes. This is a pre-training for the eyes and is similar to the focusing needed for reading.

summer fun activities for kidsThere can be running and chasing or just sitting quietly. While it is a very individual activity it can easily be done in any size group, and that way those playing can share comments and surprises.

The bubble itself is quite a surprise. The soap and water transform into something different using something invisible. We can’t see our breath and how it changes the solutions, but there is a definite result.

summer fun activities for kidsBlowing bubbles can be quite simple and it’s enough to have just a small bottle of soap solution and a single wand. But it can also be quite complicated with inventions and recipes to create different kinds of bubbles, including square ones, and astonishingly big ones. Best of all though is the result: wonder and appreciation.

Who knew soap and water could be such a potion? Mixed with childhood, summer, and outside…magic. For a play-of-the-day, how about some bubble fun?

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