Part Four: To a Child, Love is Spelled T I M E

Spending Time in Nature with Kids

There is something more important than knowledge about the natural world; it is appreciation and wonder and every parent can help kids with that. We do not have to be experts or great adventurers; instead, we need to spend time with kids out in nature.

spending time in nautreK and his dad love the outdoors. From the time he was little, his dad has helped him see what is happening around him, and to use his other senses too. From some flowers in their yard in the spring, digging on the beach in the summer, shaking off some petals in the early fall, to tasting the snow in the winter, P has shared his appreciation for nature and encouraged his son to develop it too. Now that he has started school, K will add more to what he knows about nature. The foundation has been started by his dad and the two of them will have many more adventures.

spending time in natureThe wind, the clouds, the ground beneath our feet, and the sky way above will be our home for our entire life. As parents and caregivers, we would be negligent if we didn’t help our children forge a connection with nature. We can do it in simple ways, taking a hike in the neighborhood and checking out the weather using clues right outside our door.

Whether we plant an entire garden or just one flower in a pot, we can share the magic of planting seeds and watching them sprout.

As we spend time with kids in nature, it’s okay to be explorers ourselves. Learning comes as we ask questions, and helping kids ask and find information is more important than knowing answers. We will get better at it, just by being outdoors with our children and using our senses. What outdoor activities do you do with your kids?

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