Celebrate and Discover Spring with a Neighborhood Walk

The calendar says it’s Spring!! We’ve been waiting months and today we can celebrate whatever the weather. And where will we do that? Why, outside, of course!nature walk

A simple walk to check out the neighborhood can reveal all sorts of nature treasures. Even under the snow, (in most places, that is) there will be changes for kids to discover. Our first day of spring is pretty wet, breezy, and grey but there are new blossoms on the trees, some early flowers, a hint of green on the trees, and fuzzy pussy willows. Oh, and puddles for splashing in.

To borrow the word from Jacquie Fisher, a spring walk can be an edventure (KCedventures). In the video below, Elmo’s little friend is on a quest to see bugs. First, she and her dad see a spider web, hear frogs, and touch moss. The air likely smells fresh and damp, another sense that tells us about the season. When the dad lifts up a branch on the ground, sure enough there are bugs.

Not only is there lots of science, there’s lots of language too as the girl asks questions and the dad answers. The new words of camouflage and habitat are meaningful because they connected to an experience.

So much learning can happen in only a few moments. Besides the science and the language, this walk has encouraged two connections: one to nature and one for hearts. The girl has been able to share time with her dad and as he has answered her questions, the dad has also reinforced his position as the “go-to” source for information. As parents and caregivers, we don’t have to know all the answers to kids’ questions but we can be the way to help them find out what they want to know.

Can you and your child spend a few minutes outside to celebrate and discover spring?

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