Art Play: Drawing Activities For Young Children

Double Drawing Art Play Activity

When it comes to drawing activities for young children, hopefully your child has never heard you say “I can’t draw.” Drawing isn’t something that you ‘can’ do or ‘cannot’ do. We can all draw but some people are much better than others. I am not someone who draws well. I really wish I were more able to draw but I still like it, often doodle and sketch, and have some fun kids’ books that help. For kids having confidence and fun is what’s important.

drawing activities with young kidsJust like speaking goes from babbling to a few simple words to short sentences to much longer ones, drawing also develops. Random scribbles become more controlled lines then simple images and ones with more details and complexity. It’s a process of development and kids need to be able to explore, make mistakes, and figure it out while we, the parents and caregivers, encourage and guide them.

Instead of thinking about artwork, change that to art play. It’s much easier then to round up some art toys like fat crayons, chalk, paint, brushes, markers, paints, paper, cut-up paper bags, opened envelopes, paper tubes, and other items. Talking about art play sets up an expectation for exploring, having fun, and creating. Artwork is a product, art play is a process.

There’s a wonderful site for information and inspiration called Jean shared a fun drawing activity called Double Doodle. Kids hold a crayon or marker in each hand, start at the center of a page, and draw with both hands at the same time. This is a real challenge for the body and brain together!

Little Sister, who’s 3, loved the idea of having two markers. She did a bit of scribbling with both at the same time, but also moved one and then the other. Sometimes she coordinated the action to moving both hands either together or apart, as in a mirror image.

Big Sister, who is now 6, did several drawings this way. Her work play shows each side the same. Since she uses her right hand most of the time, the lines on the left side of the page, done with her left hand,  are more wiggly. She really liked this idea and did quite a few.

There are many ways to include and encourage drawing activities for kids. For a play-of-the-day, how about trying some double doodles for double the fun and learning?

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