Earth Day for Kids – Fun at Home

Earth Day Fun Right at Home

Happy Earth Day and to celebrate here is a fun earth day for kids activity that you can do right at your own home in your yard and neighborhood. Enjoy!

earth day fun for kids
This earth day for kids activity is already child-tested. A parent was working in her yard and noticed a wee creature hiding in the flowers. Well, it may not have been hiding but it’s so well-adapted to it’s surroundings that it blends right in. She snapped a photo, showed it to her kids and asked if they could see it. After they noticed it in the photo, they then went outside to see if they could find it. Can you see it? Hint: it goes ribbit, ribbit and looks sort of like a leaf.

For this activity, take a few minutes to go outside and capture several photos of any interesting items in nature either in your yard, on your deck or balcony, in your neighborhood or at a park that is close.

Earth Day fun for kidsAfter snapping a few pictures, show them to your kids and see if they can find the items. Perhaps, a plant off by itself, or a small group of early flowers. There  could be a tree with leaves or blossoms. One rock might be very different or there might be a pile of them. Here are some things on our block.

earth day activites for kids We saw some creatures but getting pictures is much trickier because they are move quickly. The sorts of items that you capture on your phone or camera will depend on the age of your kids. Finding the great big rock was fun for Little Sister but Big Sister thought it was too easy. But she loved the popcorn tree.

Establishing a connection to the Earth and Nature is truly valuable, particularly for kids. Life will always have challenges and time in nature can renew and replenish us. It supports all of us. Earth Day is a special time to develop an awareness and appreciation for our world. How will you and your child celebrate Earth Day?

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