Children’s Books and Stories for Counting

Counting is one of children’s early math activities; there are some wonderful children’s books and stories for counting to encourage this developing skill. When children are first starting to count, they are imitating what we do and saying the numbers. Sharing books and stories with them gives them opportunities to practice and figure out what we are doing when we count.

Does your child have a special interest? You might be able to find a counting book that will particularly appeal to your child. There are stories with kittens, dinosaurs, bears, bunnies, snails, dogs, fish, mermaids, gardens, crocodiles, butterflies, construction sites, vehicles, crows, turtles, monsters, teddy bears, ladybugs, bugs, monkeys, and even hugs and kisses.

books and stories for counting

Do not read the book Cookie Count by Robert Sabuda if you are hungry. The pop-up images of bakery treats will start requests for cookies, and not just from kids. It could turn all of us into cookie monsters. Curious George, Olivia, Maisy, Berenstain Bears, Spot the dog, and other favorite characters also have books for counting. Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm help count in Richard Scarry’s Best First Book Ever! Some counting stories and count books are written in rhyming text. Most have color illustrations but even the black and white illustrations with a touch of red in Olivia Counts by Ian Falconer are delightful and appealing. (see the video below)

stories for counting

There are absolutely dozens and dozens of books about counting. Some of these, or ones that are similar, you may be able to borrow from your local library. Garage sales in areas with families will often have a few children’s books on the table. If you do buy a book on counting, choose one you can read over and over. Children will soon be able to play with a counting book by themselves and say a few of the words and numbers, but remember, you will be hearing this book countless times. If they—the books, not the kids—are driving you crazy, maybe you could be like Keith Baker and Quack and Count?

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