Science Fun with Water Play

Did you struggle with science in school? Do you avoid science play at home? Kids can have all kinds of simple and easy science fun with water play. science fun with water play

Whether we see it happening or only the results of it, kids engage in science play much of the time. It’s also known by the name “what happens if” and kids seem to have a constant drive to explore and discover. A bowl, a sink, a tub, or a kiddy pool can hold both water and a young scientist.

Besides being wet, an early science concept about water is that water pours. Kids can test this over and over.

science fun with water playThere is so much to discover about how water pours. To extend play, we can ask kids if they can pour the water fast and then very slowly. Using any container, they can reach up and pour the water out higher and higher. Is anything different? Does water feel the same poured low as it does poured high?

Young kids like to pour water thru a sieve or other container with holes. If possible, give them some things with lots of holes and something with just one.

science fun with water playFor older kids, you can use a water bottle and put 3 holes in it up the side. Now, as the water comes out, is it the same from all 3 holes? Kids will explore covering the holes and watching what happens. (If possible, visit a fountain in your area and maybe see how the water pours out.)

science fun with water playKids also like how water moves, spreading out, dripping, squirting, and flowing. Most of the time, fortunately, this doesn’t have to involve water all over the kitchen or bathroom floor. The most fun is probably running around and squirting water with either a hose or water pistol.

Water mixed with soap makes bubbles and has an even smoother feel. Washing can be science play and it is definitely a special sensory experience.  All in the name of science…

Science for kids can come in just a drop of water, or a whole ocean. How does your child have science fun with water play?

Math, science, art and more…it’s all child’s play! 6 times a week check the blog for a play-of-the-day.

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