Science Fun with Mirrors

A quick check at a thrift store included a 50 cent treasure that led to some science fun with mirrors. A mirror is a great item for a science kit for kids. When Big Sister found a small case with a mirror front for her and Little Sister to share, little did we know it came with some science.

science fun with mirrorsAs we waited in the line to pay for our items, there was a large two sided mirror on the counter. We had placed our things beside it and Big Sister noticed she could she her reflection in both mirrors at the same time. Not only that, she could see the reflection of one mirror in the other mirror too. She could see herself one, two, three times. Exciting science fun with mirrors.

science fun with mirrorsBack in the car, it was Little Sister’s turn to hold the mirror. While she couldn’t see multiple reflections of herself, the mirror made a patch of light on the back of the seat in front of her. By moving the mirror around, she could make the light move too. More exciting science fun with mirrors. (bright patch on seat back)

science fun with mirrorsWhen we got home, the mirror had lots of fingerprints. Because the case had fabric, we couldn’t put the whole thing in water, so just wiped it off with a cloth, but I did suggest that I had another mirror that we could put in water to see what might happen. Does a mirror still reflect in water? What happens when there is no mirror in the water?

science fun with mirrorsNeither of the earlier science discoveries were planned. They both happened when we were doing other ordinary activities like going to the store and riding in the car. Washing things off is another everyday task too. It was possible to build on what the kids found out on their own and add to it. This isn’t always possible to do but when it is, we can build on what kids are doing and extend the learning and play.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, can you reflect some more science for all?

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