October Alphabet: N is for Nature Time for Kids

October is one of the best months for some nature time for kids, because right now there’s so much nature on the ground! 1,2, 3, and outside we go. Hint: *Take a bag for leaf collections

No matter where you live, there will be pockets of nature. What’s the weather like in your area? Kids can check out the sky and notice the temperature. Not as warm as the summer or as cold as winter. Is it sunny, cloudy, or rainy? Is there any wind today?

jumping in fall leavesIn the autumn, most trees are changing. Leaves are turning color and falling on the ground. If there is a park nearby, you and your child can visit to see what’s new. It’s so much fun to run and jump in the fallen leaves!

Leaves come in different shapes and sizes. While each tree will have the same kind of leaf, they will have slight differences in color. Your child may want to look for many different kinds and colors. There could be seeds to investigate on shrubs, bushes, and other plants too. Watch out for prickles. Underneath all the leaves on the ground, there could be some other bugs or creatures hiding. They might be camouflaged. A few trees may have nuts that have fallen. Any acorn hats?

fall garden for kidsNature is a feast for the senses. There’s lots for eyes to see, but there could also be things to hear, smell, and feel. Stop for a minute and just listen. Sometimes, it’s easier to hear when eyes are closed. Wind in the leaves can make a very soft sound. As for taste, there might be some harvest in gardens. Or, a cup of hot chocolate at home.

What are some other nature activities that you can your child can do? Any other suggestions for nature fun for kids?

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