Have A Happy and Safe Halloween

Have a happy and safe Halloween. May the only ‘owling be at the moon.

Halloween safety tipsHere are some tips and reminders for this most exciting night. Halloween is so much fun and it’s easy to forget about being safe. But one of the scariest places to be is an emergency room. Think of basic safety as a risk-management strategy, a way of sorting out the tricks from the treats.


  • Kids only go out with parents or adults, in areas they know.

  • Save treats for eating after they have been checked.
  • Walk on sidewalks and cross streets at the corner.
  • Use costumes that are easy to walk in. Injuries from fall are the main reason for emergency room visits at Halloween.
  • Make sure kids can see all around.
  • If outside, take a flashlight.

Halloween safety reminders
Photo and Carving: Megan Olsen

The words trick or treat are like a balance, just like most things in life. We don’t want to frighten kids and dampen their fun but we can give them information and explain our decisions, where appropriate. Owls can’t be the only ones who are wise so kids can have a happy and safe Halloween.

To echo the wish of these creatures,

Have a Happy OWL-oween! 


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