Dinovember: Quick Dinosaur Headband Craft

It’s Dinovember! Time for some dinosaur fun activities, like this quick dinosaur headband craft. Complete with scary teeth, kids can wear this as they play.

dinosaur headband craftTo make this headband, kid hands or grownup hands can cut a long band of green paper, enough to go around the child’s head. Stiff paper will be harder to cut but it will be more durable. Dinosaurs need two big eyes so adults can draw two big circles, about the size of the bottom of a coffee cup. Kids may be able to cut out these. The eyes can be finished with two smaller circles cut out of black paper or kids can draw two black spots on the two white circles. These get glued on near the top of the head band.

dinosaur headband craftNext, comes the fun part, making the dino teeth. As long as kids have a general idea of how to use scissors, they can cut out the teeth because the teeth can be practically any shape. Adults might need to hold the paper. Kids only need to cut one direction and if needed, we can turn the paper slightly to get a pointy end. The teeth get glued to the bottom edge of the headband and some trimming might be necessary if the teeth are very long so they are not in front of children’s eyes.

dinosaur headband craftOnce the eyes and teeth are on, wrap the headband around the child’s head and tape or staple it to the size needed. All done, except for the roar.

Children will have their own unique interests but somehow dinosaurs seem to have a universal appeal. It’s amazing how many kids will know about dinosaurs and how much they know. This quick dinosaur headband craft is fun to use for imaginative play. Are there any dinosaur fans at your house or center?

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