Dinosaurs and Yoga for Universal Children’s Day

dinosaurs and children's playDinosaurs and yoga are a rather unique way to celebrate Universal Children’s Day. In 1954 the UN established this day to promote children’s welfare. I know, we tend to think every day is children’s day, but in many places on the planet, children’s life is a struggle. But no matter where children live and their circumstances, PLAY is a universal need.

What do children play with all over the world? One favorite is a ball. In places where families can’t afford a ball, kids make one out of bags stuffed together and wrapped with string, or they kick around old shoes, rocks, or tin cans.

Another universal is dinosaurs, or terrible lizards. Dinosaur fossils have been found on every continent on Earth. Why do dinosaurs appeal to children of both genders and different ages, and stages? There could be several reasons:

-Although dinosaurs are scary, they are long gone, so kids are safe.
-Dinosaurs are immense and powerful, very appealing to kids who
often feel small and insignificant.
-Because no one has ever seen one, imaginations get free rein.
-Dinosaurs are a connection to mystery of the past.

dinosaur yoga
“Nope, no dino spines.”

To be so spread out on every continent on Earth, dinosaurs must have moved a great deal. Children, like dinos, need to move too. Movement activities are not just for bodies, but for brains too because moving creates pathways and connections in the brain for all kinds of learning.

Following are some suggestions for dinosaurs and yoga which Dai at Tatty Bumpkin Yoga on Winchmore Hill gave permission to share:

“Imagine you are a dinosaur! What kind of dinosaur are you?
•Are you a tall, thin dinosaur? Stretch your arms up high to eat the leaves from the trees.
•Are you a big, heavy dinosaur? Stretch your arms out wide and stomp your feet on the ground.
•Maybe you are a little dinosaur creeping on the ground? Creep on your knees and forearms keeping your elbows bent.
•Maybe you have spines all the way down your back? Pat down your back with your hands or ask a friend to gently pat down your back for you!”

When kids are playing with dinos, you can easily take a break to stretch and bend and have fun with dinosaurs and yoga. Or, if you are close, pat their back to see if they have any dinosaur spines. Oh, and how about asking kids to check your back for spines too? Happy Universal Children’s Day.

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