Handmade Christmas Decorations for Kids

Part of the magic of Christmas is making and giving things made by hand. Here are a couple of handmade Christmas decorations kids can do. The materials are inexpensive but the result is priceless.

handmade Christmas decorationRound up some old or unused Christmas cards. Using a jar lid, help your child trace around the lid to make 4 circles. Sometimes, if the cards are stiff, kids need scissor work from big hands. Once cut out, fold the circles in half with the picture part inside. Put glue on half of the backs of 2 circles and glue the halfbacks together. It will sort of look like a letter T. Do the same with the other 2 circles, then glue the T’s together.

Now it’s a round circle shape made of circles. Using a hole punch make a hole near the top. Kids can thread a piece of yarn or ribbon thru the hole. Tie a knot at the top of the loop and it’s ready to hang on a tree. Once dry, this can be folded flat, tucked inside an envelope and popped in the mail for a gift to someone far away.

handmade Christmas decorationAnother idea is a square instead of a circle. Craft or popsicle sticks make the 4 sides. Kids can put glue near the ends of 2 sticks and then line them up with enough space for a hand between them. Put the other two sticks on top so it makes a frame or square shape.

Kids can decorate the frame with feathers, stickers, old puzzle pieces, sequins, buttons, or color with markers and paints. Find a photo of your child and slide it underneath. How does it look? The photo will need to be taped to the frame, or, if you have lots of sticks, kids can glue 2 sticks on the back to hold the photo in place. As before, attach some ribbon or yarn to make a loop at the top. This makes a delightful little gift.

handmade Christmas gift ideaA photo can also be glued onto a plastic container lid.  With some small objects glued around the edge, and a loop for hanging, it’s another handmade Christmas decoration or ornament.

The recycling often has items that are just right for all sorts of crafts and projects. Kids–and adults–enjoy creating. There’s a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment that gives a boost to self-confidence. Handmade Christmas decorations or gifts become keepsakes that are treasured year after year.  Are there any of these at your house? 

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