May The Force Be With You – The Force of Kindness

Today’s play-of-the-day combines the power of stars with another force—the force of kindness.

Stars are really quite magical. We see them as tiny with our eyes but use them to mean very, very big. Famous people are called Stars, and there are Rock Stars, Super Stars, and Sport Stars. Stars are considered to be a sort of Royalty although not everyone will agree on who is a Star. Businesses and school assignments are given stars of different numbers and colors. It’s no wonder we use stars for making wishes. In lofty goals, we shoot for the stars. Is it any wonder the Star Wars movies have gone from millions to billions of dollars?

The star for today, is being kind. While any month of the year is a wonderful time to be kind to others, February is the Month of the Heart. Brain Gordon, of FowlLanguage kindly gave permission to use this cartoon in my blog. Daddy Duck’s feelings and words are great for all parents and caregivers.

force for kindness-fowllanguage
(with permission of Brian Gordon/FowlLanguage)

Are preschool kids too young to show kindness? Not by any means. Young children have generous hearts. And there are lots of small things they can do to show kindness. Here are 10 simple ideas for kids:

Random Acts of Kindness for Young Children

random acts of kindness for kidsYou and your child may want to do one of these today, or save it for another day. There’s no limit on how many to do! And may the force–the force of kindness–be with you…

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