Kids Play with Anything #17: Child’s Play in Nature – Earth Day

Not only Earth Day, but any day children can play in nature. As much as possible, nature play should be part of every day for a child. A big part.

play in natureWe can no longer just open the door and tell kids to go outside and play. Could you use some suggestions for activities outside? Here are some parent-doable, family-friendly, and child-tested play in nature ideas.

  • A nature hike or walk: This doesn’t need wilderness. It could be just around the neighborhood to see the trees, yards, and sky. Make sure to look down too. Bugs and other creatures hide in grass, dirt, and rocks.
  • Nature soup: While kids and a bit of nature are musts for this soup, any other ingredients are optional, like grass, leaves, twigs, flowers, pine cones, and other nature treasures.
  • Picnic packs: If the weather is okay, pack some yummies and go for a picnic.
  • Blanket forts go outdoors: This needs dry weather so blankets don’t get wet.
  • On a roll: Any grassy hills or spaces in your area for kids to roll in the grass? A close encounter of the grass kind doesn’t need to be out of this world.nature play in grass
  • Magic wands. These are also known by the common name, Sticks. Look for a stick and get to know it.
  • Follow the leader: Choose someone to be a leader and find some nature.
  • I Spy with eyes: I spy with little eyes, something that is blue? white? green? Besides colors, something might be leafy, hard, fluffy, etc.
  • I Spy with ears: Close eyes and listen for some nature sounds.
  • Treasure hunt: Sometimes these are called scavenger hunts. You can either name things for kids to find or pick a number. Kids might be able to find quite a few all in one spot.

climb-treeKids will have their own ideas about ways they can play in nature. Connecting to nature is a great way to celebrate and honor Earth Day. How might your child get up close and personal with nature?