Bubble Fun and Learning #15: Apple Bubble Science Activity

Although not as dramatic as Newton’s apple, this apple bubble science activity is sure fun! Kids like to play with food. After experimenting, they can eat.

edible bubble science with apples (5) labelThis activity is from Carla’s Bubble Science with Apples post at Preschool Powol Packets. I’ve seen a few other bubble activities using apples, but this is the only one that’s edible.

To do this simple science experiment, choose an apple with a fairly stable bottom so it can stand without rolling over. You will need to take the middle out of an apple, but do not go all the way through.

Use a grapefruit spoon or potato peeler just to scoop out the core and leave a small well. Place the apple on a saucer or in a shallow bowl.

Pour a spoon or two of juice into the apple. Carla used orange juice; we used some peach.

apple bubble science activity juiceWith a straw, kids blow into the juice to make bubbles. Ask your child about the bubbles. Are they very big? Did they float away or stay in the apple? Young children will mostly be interested in the blowing bubbles part so you may have to suggest the answers.

No matter how hard Little Sister blew, no bubbles but a few splatters.

apple bubble science activity 2Now, add a spoon or two of milk into the apples. This time what happens? Is it the same as before? What do these bubbles do? Older kids may notice the juice and milk make bubbles more like bubble solution.

Carla explains the difference is due to the proteins in the milk. “Milk has less surface tension than water because of these proteins.”

With the straw, the kids can taste and slurp up the bubbles. They made need to have more of this bubble solution as they blow towers around their apples. If they are super hungry, they can eat the apple and try the juice and milk in a small cup. Hmm, could that give the same result?

Children have curious minds. Isn’t this apple bubble science activity a fun way to feed their curiosity?

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