Make a Flag for July 4th Craft for Kids

For a play-of-the-day, make a flag for July 4th craft. A flag is a special symbol of a country and kids love to hold and wave them.

make a flag for July 4th craft

To start your flag, find a piece of white paper. The bigger the paper, the bigger your flag, of course, but even a small flag is exciting for a child. A flag is almost twice as wide as it is tall, so turn the paper with the long sides at the top and bottom. Depending on the size of your paper, some may need to be cut from the top. If kids know how to use scissors, draw a line for them to use as a guide.

Get out some red and blue paints. Paint dabbers have sure proved to be a great investment at our house. Start with the blue rectangle at the top corner. Again, adults may need to draw two lines as guide again. The blue background for the stars goes half-way down the side and just over a third of the way across.

Kids dab a red line all across the bottom. Turn the paper so they can dab another red line along the edge from the blue. Paint a third red line down the middle or, at least, from the bottom of the blue. It’s easier now to paint two more red lines in between the others. When dry, add a handle.

This is only five red lines instead of seven and the stars aren’t painted on. The white paper shows bits of white, but to make stars kids can add star stickers. There’s a super flag craft printable at meaningful mama. Big Sister used the blue dabber to paint water on a boat made from a big box and the sponge is getting quite worn so Little Sister had lots of white spaces when she painted. Even without star stickers, it will still look like the flag.

make a flag

As with any project, including this make a flag for July 4th craft, the process is part of the product. In any country, aren’t kids stars too?

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