Space Activities #22: Space Snack Fun – Cooking with Kids

These couple of nutritious and playful ideas for some space snack fun do not need a lot of space in your kitchen, just some imagination and creativity.

Nut Butter Planet Wraps:

space snack fun

To make these planet wraps, you can use either pita bread, tortillas, or another kind of wrap. Put a spoonful of peanut or other nut butter in the middle. Kids can spread this all around getting close to the edges. Peel a banana and place it across the circle. Roll up the edges and cut off any parts of the banana that stick out. It looks like a banana hotdog. If the flatbread is thin enough, kids may be able to cut the roll into small circles. These circles are the planet with a ring around it. (This part might need imagination as the circles aren’t exactly round.)

Cream Cheese Moons:

space snack fun

During the full moon, we can see the round moon shape and white color with darker patches. An old joke is the moon is made of green (unripened) cheese. Pita bread, tortillas, wraps, or rice cakes are round too. Big hands can put a spoon of cream cheese in the middle and little hands spread it all over, getting as close to the edges as possible. To make the dark patches on the moon, try blueberries or blackberries. The cream cheese is a little sticky but the berries may need to be tapped down so they don’t roll away. Sure doesn’t taste like green cheese.

This space snack fun is tasty and nutritious. The planet wraps don’t have to be rolled up and cut, they can be flat, especially with mini pitas. Try different toppings and spreads, like humus and cucumber or mashed avocado and cherry tomato slices. Kids may have their own suggestions for combinations.

Cooking with kids helps them be more aware of what they are eating and how food tastes. They learn how to make things themselves instead of just opening something already prepared. Best of all, isn’t it fun?


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