Fall In The Air: Let’s Go Outside for October Nature Time

If Nature Could Talk What Would It Say?

Fall is in the air and what better way for kids to start this exciting, colorful month than some fun outdoors with October nature time? Let’s play outside.

October nature time fall

Fall isn’t the only thing in the air, so is this little one. Good thing his dad is right there to catch him. Likely he wouldn’t be jumping off a high rock without that pair of arms ready and waiting but many kids are convinced they can fly. It does feel like flying if only for a brief instant. There are some geese on the lake taking a break from their flight south. Soon, they’ll be in the air too.

Each year nature tells us it’s fall with specific signs. It’s like nature is speaking to us but we have to go outside for this conversation. How does nature talk? Maybe in pictures. Let’s see. The leaves on the trees are changing color and falling to the ground. In areas like these where most of the trees are evergreens there might be a few bushes with bright red berries. The grass is turning dry and brown and many plants have seeds. Some flowers only bloom in the cooler weather. Usually, they are fall colors, like gold and bronze. Check the ground for acorns. Any other pictures?

We can hear nature too, with the honk of birds overhead and the crunch of dried grass and plants underfoot. Wind rustles in the dried grass and leaves. Nature is whispering, “It’s autumn.” That’s another word for fall time.

Nature puts the message in the weather. This time of year it’s cooler and night comes sooner. We have to feel this message. There might be things to smell, like smoke from burning leaves. Certainly, there are things to taste like ripe apples.

Nature doesn’t talk in words. We have to use our senses. When people talk to each other, it’s polite to listen and pay attention. Nature is ‘talking’ but are we there to hear? We will spend our entire lives in some sort of conversation with nature. October nature time is inviting us to join. Are you helping your child learn how to hear what nature has to say?

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