Tips for a Safe and Happy Halloween

Here are some tips for a safe and happy Halloween. Besides the candy, a fun afternoon or evening with our kids is quite a treat-mostly. Enjoy!

tips for safe halloween

  • No matter how scary the costume, ghosts, goblins, witches, and other Halloween characters should only go out with parents or adults.
  • Like toffee, stick with areas that are known. Walk on the sidewalks instead of the road and go to the corners to cross the streets.
  • “Candy, stay in the bag until getting home.” It’s a sad reality that treats need to be checked first but so important to do.
  • Did you know at Halloween the main reason for injuries and visits to emergency rooms is from simple falls? Check kids won’t trip in their costumes (or adults either).
  • There’s so much to see at Halloween. You don’t want to miss any of it by not being able to see. Make sure kids can see up, down, and all around.
  • Most people turn on their outside lights if they are participating in Halloween. Lights out is the message to skip that house for tricks and treats. No matter if lights are on or off though, stay outside.
  • Halloween is a dark, scary night, but you’ll feel safer with a bright flashlight.

Not every country in the world celebrates Halloween. In the US and Canada more than a billion pounds of pumpkins are harvested each fall. More chocolate is sold at Halloween than in February for Valentines. The number of kids who will be out for Halloween night is between 40 and 50 million!! That’s a lot of little and a few big bodies who will be excited and barely slowed down at all with the layers of a costume. The night will be dark and if we’re lucky, not rainy or snowy. We all need to be extra cautious and take care.
Have a safe and happy Halloween!

tips for a safe and happy halloween

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