Wishbones: What Do Children Wish For? The Answer Will Surprise You!

Did you save the wishbone? When we give kids a wishbone, what would they wish for? Children wish for family time. You might need a tissue after watching this video.

In a very special video, children were asked if they could eat a meal with anyone they wanted, who would they wish that could be? Surprisingly, they chose their families and gave their reasons. Parents listening to the kids were astonished. They were also quite emotional and many shed a few tears.

There’s a short message that’s often included on posters. “To a child, love is spelled T.I.M.E.” Not time with super heroes or their favorite tv characters, but time with their families. The poster doesn’t give a list of how to spend time, but it could. Kids aren’t wishing for great adventures, but for time to hang out. They want to play games, read stories, and eat meals. Ordinary, everyday activities. One of Big Sister’s favorite ways to spend time is to draw and color with daddy. They create a picture together and cover a whole page with color. Not just play, but work too.children wish for family time

Little Sister loves to bake and prepare meals with whoever is in the kitchen. Another preschool boy thinks it’s an event to wash the car with his dad. Going for a walk with his mom to get the mail at the mailbox down the street is a highlight of the day.

These moments in time are not necessarily the ones that children will remember when they think about their childhood. But, they are the ones that nourish their hearts.

There are tremendous demands on our time and as parents and caregivers our wish would be to have more of it so we could spend time with our kids. But days are already stretched. What works for you and your family? You may be able to find ways to include kids in chores around the house. Tell stories or sing favorite songs while you sort the laundry and make meals. Color a picture or play a card game. You may need to get creative to make TIME together a reality instead of just a wish. Does it surprise you children wish for family time?

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