Handmade Christmas Cards for Kids -More Than A Craft

There are hundreds of ideas on-line for handmade Christmas cards for kids. This post isn’t a ‘how-to’ make them, it’s a ‘why-to’ have kids make their own.

homemade Christmas cards for kids

Could we save any discussion about whether kids should practice following instructions for a certain design or create a card from an assortment of items for later? Instead, here are some great reasons for kids to make and send cards. Cards have writing, even just a name. The world of writing belongs to adults and a card is like a door letting kids in. Suddenly, there are doing something very grown up.

To write or print, kids need to learn a great deal. They have to figure out the funny squiggles on a paper mean something. While they might look like scribbles, these marks are very specific. Some are the same and some are different. A round shape is the letter O and big, little, or wobbly, it’s still an O.

Understanding these strange marks is also linked to language. Kids have had to learn how to speak, what words mean, and how they fit together in patterns. Then, they have to connect speaking to writing. What a huge amount accomplishment and there’s always more to learn.

Recognizing and printing a name are more than big steps. They are big leaps. For kids ready for a little more, they might like to try copying or tracing words. That’s part of making cards. There are also the pictures or other art play. Crayons, paint, markers, glitter, glue, scissors, stickers, bits of fabric, stamps, and other tools and materials can all be used. Oh, and paper. When doing cards, it’s a good idea to protect the table or floor.

homemade Christmas cards for kids

Making Christmas cards is a doable and meaningful way to engage in writing. Kids are also creating, designing, organizing, planning, and problem-solving. Besides the connections to language and writing, there are the heart-to-heart ones as kids give their cards to family and friends. Could handmade Christmas cards for kids be your child’s activity today?



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