Kids Can Help with Family Chores – Do You Include Your Child?

With the date getting closer to Christmas, there’s more to do and kids can help with family chores. They like to be included and there’s lots to do.

kids can help with family chores

What are some of the chores that young children can do? This will depend on their ages but washing some non-breakable dishes, dusting, sweeping the floor, putting away clean laundry, getting all the towels to load in the washing machine, setting the forks, knives and spoons on the table for a meal, and putting away a few of the groceries are a few possibilities. The list for cooking and baking seems endless and little hands love to stir and mix. One of the big jobs is picking up and putting away their own toys but somehow this doesn’t seem to be in the same category. Since grownups do the other tasks, helping do those feels like a grown up thing to do.

communication activities for kids

A three-year old we know proudly announced to his mom that he had to help his dad put up the Christmas lights. There’s not much a three-year old can do except maybe watch and hold a tool but that’s not how it seemed to him. He was going to be part of a very important and adult job. When we got some glitter on the floor after doing a craft, Little Sister offered to vacuum. In her words, “I love to vacuum. I’m good at it.” From a child’s point of view, while it might be work, it’s also fun. With the number of times we’ve had to shovel snow this month, the kids’ efforts as really been appreciated, no matter how small.

including kids in chores for learning and fun

Is there something your child can do from the to-do list? Kids can help with family chores and very much need to. The month of December has more than two dozen holidays from a variety of cultures and traditions. For all of them, belonging to the group is an important part of the celebration. Doesn’t being able to help, as well as to celebrate, contribute to a child’s sense of belonging?

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