M = Making a Difference on MLK Day for Kids

Is there a way to make Martin Luther King Day meaningful for our little ones? Making a difference on MLK Day for kids is one way. No matter their age. Or, where you live. In some places, MLK day will be a day off school or work, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. In others, while it is not a holiday, it is a day to remember this great man and his work for justice and equality. His words, “I have a dream,” resonated all around the world.


We can share the story of Martin Luther King with kids by reading a book. Marjorie Ingall suggests some in her article,  Six Children’s Books for Martin Luther King Day.

A Sweet Smell of Roses by Angela Johnson is a wonderful, gentle book. It tells the story of two girls who march with Dr. King. When reading it, time and space almost disappear and we can hear the words of Dr. King, fell the warm sun as they march, and maybe, smell the roses. Just like the smell of roses can make a difference in someone’s day, so can we, kids as well as grownups.

Making a difference in someone’s day can be as small and simple as a smile. Or, something more. It can happen right at home or for someone in the community. A few cookies delivered to a neighbor or helping to shovel a sidewalk are small gestures. Taking a flower in a pot over to someone who doesn’t get out much is like delivering a breath of spring. At home, we can let children know their help to unload the groceries or take a forgotten book back to the room where it goes has made a difference for the family.

You may be able to go to a larger community event or celebration today. In honor of Martin Luther King can your day include making a difference on MLK Day for kids?



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