Kids Easy Valentine Cards – Simple and Fun To Do

There are countless valentines kids can buy but somehow making their own is special. Just use torn paper and glue for these kids easy valentine cards.

kids easy valentine cards

Valentine cards often include a play on words or catchy saying. A quick search on Google and Pinterest finds more than a hundred clever ones. For this project, kids can choose, “I go to pieces for you,” or, “I love you to pieces,” or even, “I love you to bits.” All of these use pieces of paper.

What could be easier than tearing paper into little pieces? Round up left-over wrapping paper, tissue paper, and pages from newspapers and magazines. Any kind of paper will do, as long as little hands can rip it. Putting the bits of paper into a small container will keep them from altogether. Little Sister is keen on cutting so tried that, but it was hard to go through all the wrinkles. Ripping still exercises small easy valentine cards

There are many options for creating the cards. You can trace a heart on a large piece of paper and kids can glue within the outline or cut it out and glue the bits on that. The easiest way to spread glue is with a glue stick or paint brush dipped in glue. Kids then stick the pieces on the glue part wherever they want . Some kids will only do a few bits of paper while others will want to cover the whole area and more. The bits can be flat or sticking up. Once dry, adults can print the saying on the card. Leave a space for kids to print their name. Some might need adults to make the lines for them to trace.

Making valentines is a meaningful activity on more than one level. It’s obvious to grown-ups that print tells a message but it isn’t for kids. Valentine cards both say and show the message. In addition to that, giving a valentine to someone is a way to celebrate our connection to each other. Now, that’s a lot of pieces. Do you have other ideas for kids easy valentine cards?


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