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Colors of Childhood: Making a Color Collection

Childhood can be a special time and one activity kids of various ages love to do is collecting, so for lots of play how about making a color collection?

learning-color-pinkA color collection can be an assortment of items all of one color or it can be things a child likes just because of the colors. It can last for several months, or just a few days. This is a pink collection that occurred this week and has had a home on the dresser.

While kids will collect rocks, stickers, buttons, dinosaurs, special TV or movie characters, bits of nature, and particular toys, what appeals to one child may not appeal to another. Big Sister likes crystals and Little Sister likes monkeys, possibly because they are allowed to jump on the bed.

making a collection for kidsCollecting anything is more complicated than it appears. It involves being able to put objects into groups as well as figuring out if any one piece belongs to the group or not. This skill of categorizing is a brain strategy for condensing vast amounts of information into more manageable chunks. Kids also need to make choices about what they want to keep.

Do you go out for walks with your child and have to stop numerous times to check out the treasures that appear? Walking with Little Sister almost means having to take along a bag for all the things she wants to bring home.

Have you heard the recent news about scientists finding some tremendously old skeletons? One of the tasks has been to discover how this group, homo naledi, is similar to and differs from homo sapiens. This is categorizing at a very advanced level, and for children, this skill is involved in making collections. I wonder if these paleontologists had collections when they were kids? 

For some plays-of-the-days, maybe future scientists could start by making a color collection?

Colors of Childhood: Toys Make a Rainbow

Need an alternative to the toys all over the floor? Instead of spreading them out, kids can gather them in as their toys make a rainbow.

toys make a rainbowUse as big a piece of paper as possible or several put together and draw an outline of a rainbow, in a big half circle.  Make one big line for each color, with the red on the outside and the purple on the inside. Use all of the 6 basic colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Kids bring the toys from the far corners of the area and match the color of the toy to the color line of the rainbow. All the red toys go on the red line, all the orange on the orange line, and so on. Not only are kids practicing the colors, they are also making decisions. A toy can easily have more than one color, so which line will it match? How does your child decide? If one color is a favorite, no matter how small that bit of color on the toy, that could be where it will end up. There might also be some colors that are hard to tell. Are there any items at your house called one color by one person and another color by someone else?

rainbows and learning colorsSome children may play at this longer than others, depending on their interests and ages. With all the toys together, kids will find different ways to play with them, some that they may not have thought of before. In any case, with the toys on the paper it is easy and quick to slide them into the toy box.

This activity doesn’t have to wait for a rainy day. After all, could we ever have too many rainbows?

Songs about Colors (and Colours) for Kids

Finding songs about colors isn’t as easy as finding games for colors, but familiar tunes can be be used to different words that work for you and your child.

To the tune of London Bridge, make up a verse  about any color:

“If you’re wearing something blue, something blue, something blue,
If you’re wearing something blue, show it to me.”

songs about colorsInstead of blue, put in any color. The action “show it to me” could also be something else, “If you’re wearing something blue,  stand on one foot.” Be prepared for a color hug with, “If you’re wearing something blue give me a hug.” You can also be creative and sneak in a chore, “If you’re wearing something blue, pick up a toy. ”

One favorite  song that has a very repetitive base is “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”  Thinking up rhymes for the color words is quite tricky, but kids love singing something silly anyway:

songs about colors“If you’re wearing something yellow, clap your hands.
If you’re wearing something yellow, clap your hands.
If you’re wearing something yellow, jiggle all over just like jello.
If you’re wearing something yellow, clap your hands.”

“If you’re wearing something red, clap your hands.
If you’re wearing something red, clap your hands.
If you’re wearing something red, pretend that you’re in bed.
If you’re wearing something red, clap your hands.”

songs about colorsA fun song for colors is Hokey Pokey. Rather than putting in a left or right or foot, kids can put in a color. With blue, green, and brown eyes, and blond, red, brown, and black hair, plus white teeth, pink tongues and red lips, that’s most of the colors. Shoes and clothes will also have colors that can get put in and shaken all about.

“You put something orange in, you put something orange out.
You put something orange in, and you shake the orange out.
You do the hokey pokey, and you turn purple all around,
And that’s what it’s all about. ”

Just be careful, some of these get stuck in your head! What colors or colours will you and your child sing about?

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