observational learning

Kindergarten Readiness, Learning from the Olympics #2

Just watching the Olympic competitions on tv indicates ways to support children’s kindergarten readiness learning and fun.

Today, after two events there were interviews with fans in the athletes’ home cities. Some of the people who commented were adults and some were young children. The kids said things like “It helps me think I can do it too.” The adults stated “The kids here see them as role models. They use the same facilities and watch them train. The athletes model their dedication and commitment and the kids learn from that.” Many of the athletes themselves talk about someone who has been an important figure in their lives. They too have modeled themselves after someone else. This video of 2 brothers really shows how kids learn from watching others:

Modeling is also called observational learning. At home, much of what children learn is modeled by parents and caregivers. Kids watch their parents and caregivers all the time. Unfortunately, they seem to pick up some things we wish they wouldn’t and totally miss things we wish they would learn. Such is the paradox of parenting. In any case, throughout the day, is there something your child can learn by observing you?