Kindergarten Readiness – April Fool’s Noon/Midnight

After discussion at school and in the family about April Fool’s Day needing to be over at noon, I had a few ideas for the blog and fun tricks to play on family members, like putting a bread shaped slice of paper in lunch sandwiches, slicing a banana that’s still in the peel, putting one shoe of two different pairs at the shelf by the door, etc. Then I added the time for the blog to post and checked it this morning.¬†When I didn’t see it I was extremely annoyed with whoever in the house had tinkered with my blog and bewildered with how they did it. Then, I went to correct the post time. HaH! I’d omitted to change the time entry to a.m. instead of p.m. Now, I have to go apologize for accusing everyone because it was my fault. Oh, are they going to hoot. And the day is just beginning!! What’s happening at your house, today?

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