Kindergarten Readiness – A B C Dough

Not all children are interested in school-type work. Learning the letters of the alphabet does not appeal to all kids.  But there are ways to engage reluctant children in learning activities. Hands-on materials capture attention and  motivate. Voices practiced letters of the alphabet,  yesterday. Today, fingers get a turn. Play-dough or plasticine are just right. Did you know that one lump of play-dough can make all the letters of the alphabet? Amazing! Beautiful! Clever! D…you get the idea.  Roll some long shapes and bend them to make the letters–the capital or upper case ones, first. Doing all 26 at a time requires a great deal of patience so break the task up into a few letters now and more later. Make some favorite letters. One time, do the letters round. Another day, do them again and make them flat. Sometimes skinny, sometimes fat, sometimes plain, or fancy.. like that.  Learning the letters is easier when it’s fun.

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