Kindergarten Activities – Walk Around the Alphabet

Put on a jacket. We’re going for a walk around the alphabet. For children to really learn a new concept, it is helpful to input the information in all manner of ways. To learn the alphabet children need to hear it, say it, sing it, feel it, manipulate it, roll it, and more and do these things over and over and over. For another way to experience it, take an alphabet walk.  I like to introduce this by reading the book Alphabet City by Stephen T. Johnson.

alphabet activities

If you do not have the book, notice something in your neighborhood that makes a letter of the alphabet. Go for a walk and see what else you can find. Take a list of the letters and mark each one off as you find it.  STOP signs are good for 4 letters. Some house trim looks like L’s and K’s. An upright and top for a fence could be a T. Find a few today, save the list, and soon those letters will be popping up all over the place. A-maZing, isn’t it?

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