Kindergarten Readiness – Rainbow Letters


Motivating a young child to practice printing letters of the alphabet can be quite tricky. Printing is not an easy activity for kids–the necessary muscles and coordination for such fine motor control are still growing.  We can spark their interest and help them practice and develop control with activities that have a little challenge and a big appeal. Felts and colors supply the appeal. Parents supply the challenge: on a plain piece of paper and with a dark pencil trace out a few letters of the alphabet , about an inch high, using upper case capitals. Let your munchkin trace the letters using several different colors. At first, just getting them to more or less follow the lines is enough. There’s time later to work on proper letter formation. It’s helpful to start tracing the letters at the top of the letter and gently encourage left to right work. The whole world of writing is at the end of this rainbow!

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