Kindergarten Readiness – Stamp It Up ABC

With scrapbooking being popular it is now much easier to find a whole set of alphabet stamps. There’s even a choice in fonts and styles and a missing letter doesn’t involve turning the room upside down and inside out to locate it. Phew. And best of all, ink pads have washable ink! Stamping out a page of letters is an activity that appeals to children with a visual learning style. Kinesthethic kids love the hands-on and stamping action. Auditory munchkins enjoy saying the letters as they stamp away. This project has learning value at several levels. Matching letter names and images is certainly beneficial, but just seeing which way letters go and noticing how some look very different from the others and some look almost the same are also important.Sure is better than the olden days when we had  to make stamps out of potatoes and the ink was goopy tempra, (like we did so long ago in February to stamp out valentines)!

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