Kindergarten Readiness – Learning That Sticks

Stickers are another great fun project for practicing the alphabet and inexpensive, too. To add an extra layer or two of learning, point to the letters and say their names. Or have your child say the names. Randomly pick a letter for your little one to find. Notice which letters look very different, and which the same. This appeals to children with different learning styles: the visual learners like the color and shapes, the auditory ones hear the sounds and names, and the hands-on, kinesthetique learners like to touch and stick. Some children will only want to, or be able to, stick the letters on a piece of paper in any order. Some may want to make the whole alphabet. This activity is flexible enough for various levels of children’s readiness but fun for them all! Lick n’stick or peel n’stick. Helps learning stick. Is this activity stuck on you?

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