Taking Turns – Me First!

Once children have the idea of  taking turns, it may be necessary to talk about letting others have the first turn, too. This book is also a story about a pig (see yesterday’s blog) that has a lesson to learn. The lesson ‘teacher’ is a sand witch. The author is Helen Lester and the title is Me First.

 The pig in this story always has to be first and on a field trip to the beach is the first to respond to a voice asking “Who would care for a sandwich?”  The sandwich turns out not to be something to eat but a demanding  sand witch with lots of work that needs doing and who makes the pig care for her. All this trouble because he had to be first. A fun little story that teaches as it entertains, it helps children learn that sometimes turns are not enough, that it is sometimes better to be last rather than first. Does your family have a taking turns story suggestion?

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