Kindergarten Readiness – Whose Turn?

I played a baby game earlier this week that I remember playing with my grandfather. When I put my hand on top of his he would slide it out and put it on top of mine. Then I would slide mine out and put it on top of his again. At some point we used all 4 hands going faster and faster until one of us got out of sequence. The giggles and shining eyes of the little one playing with me triggered my memories.
This ‘your hand, my hand’ switching is a very early game to teach taking turns. Children younger than 2 years old  love this game and can play the 1-hand each version. Older children can handle (pardon the pun) using both their hands. For even more fun, try it with 2 or 3 people but be prepared for the concentration and focus needed!
Just rolling or tossing a ball back and forth to each other helps children learn to take turns. For older kids card games and dice are great activities to practice taking turns. To keep 1 or 2 or more kids busy, while you are trying to do something in the kitchen, give them each a plastic bowl. Put some Cheerios in another bowl. One child shakes a dice and counts out that number of Cheerios to put in his/her bowl. Then, the next child takes a turn. Children can eat their O’s while waiting for their turn to come around again, giving them something to do. It’s also good math practice at the same time that children learn this important relationship skill. Plus, it’s quite amazing how long they will play for a few Cheerios–dry, as well. You may have time to get something done! ( P.S. A minute timer makes life a lot easier for parents and caregivers. ) Your turn…

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