Kindergarten Readiness – Pack a Book

This month the blog topic is readiness ideas for vacation. Does your child have a special interest in a particular topic? Dinosaurs, cars, trucks, trains, boats, farm animals, different countries, fish, whales, knights, castles, ballerinas, cats, dogs, bugs, and more are some of the more common ones but I’m always amazed at the variety and scope of kids interests.

vacation booksWhatever your child enjoys, a couple of new books are a fairly light item to include in a backpack or suitcase. You may want to save them for a surprise or let your child pick them out for later. While kids books can be more expensive than adult ones, they can often be found at used book stores for very affordable prices. Exposure to lots of books and stories promotes many skills for both learning to read and learning through listening.

Books are ideal for vacations–usually. We discovered one drawback, though, when camping. Bedtime books and flashlights are not easy to manage in tent.  Have a few stories that you can tell as a back-up!
What stories might you know of that are great for vacations?

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