Kindergarten Readiness – Pack Imagination on Vacation

The news today announced the death of Hiram Brown, a radio drama legend. He called radio ” the theater of the mind” and talked about ” the magic is the imagination”. One of the most powerful tools that kids have is their imagination. Today, reflecting on his insights, here are some ways to use children’s imagination within the context of vacation.

  • Ask your child to imagine what might happen if the car grew wings. Where would you go? What would you see?
  • Maybe, the airplane flies into outer space and lands on a strange planet. What happens there?
  • Your suitcase can talk. What would it say? Can it talk language of anywhere you go?
  • The map unfolds and unfolds and unfolds and it’s a magic carpet.
  • The bed in the hotel is covering the entrance to a secret staircase that goes all the way to ….
  • As you read a book, you can walk right into the pages. What does it look like inside a book?

Make sure you take your imagination on your vacation. You can travel the world and beyond with imagination.


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