Kindergarten Readiness – More Water

Everything including the kitchen sink!! The kitchen sink is usually a fine place for some basic science but just because some things can go down the drain, a big plastic bowl may be a better ‘sink’ today. Yesterday was so much fun playing in the water in the sink that here is another idea. This time round up some objects to see if they will float or sink: a popsicle stick, a toothbrush, a plastic fork, knife and spoon, a metal fork, knife and spoon, a cork, a sponge, a spool, a plastic lid, a metal lid, etc. Before trying them, first ask your child to guess if something will float or sink. This is called predicting or hypothesizing and is an important step in science. The next step is experimenting; try the objects and observe what they do. Is it the same as the predictions? Did anything surprise you?

This same activity can be repeated with other things such as an apple, grape, banana, orange, and potato. Use a pail in the backyard and try a rock, a shell, a stick, a week, etc. Not only is this great fun, you are teaching your little one some basic science concepts and  helping your child learn some important strategies like making a prediction or hypothesis first and then observing. You may even get a couple minutes to work in the kitchen yourself as a bonus. Does this sound like it could work for you? Float-sink.

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