Kindergarten Readiness – Card Game Fun

A deck of cards is a super easy item to pack for vacation. Card games can be played just about anywhere, even in a tent when waiting for the rain to stop. Go Fish is one of my favorites. There are all kinds of decks, too, numbers, fish, people, animals, etc. Here is a sample deck that’s all A,B, C’s. On long, rainy days at home, find some paper, magazines and make your own cards. Or a quick Internet search turns up some printable Go Fish cards that can be colored or even painted. Lots of social skills are practiced in the context of a card game. Taking turns, asking, sharing, being a good sport, how to both win and lose, handling disappointment, and self-regulation of emotions are only a few. Oh, and how to have fun, too!  Go Fish -do you have an idea for vacation fun?


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