Kindergarten Readiness – Moose on the Loose

An apron in a store window said “Let’s make a moose in the Kitchen. What a great idea so today’s tip is a quick, Non-messy fun with kids project. Let your munchkin help you wash some fruit, an apple, orange, strawberries, etc. Bananas are a good soft fruit for practicing slicing, using a plastic knife. Adults need to cut up the rest. A straw can be used a child-friendly skewer . Place the slices of fruit on the skewer. If your child is able, introduce the concept of a pattern sequence, for instance apple, orange, banana, strawberry; apple, orange, banana, then what comes? Patterning is a basic skill for math, language, reading and more. Hopefully, there’s not much moose in your kitchen, only lots of eating and learning. Yum. Know any other  child-friendly recipes?

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