Kindergarten Readiness – Moose #2

As long as we are making mooses in the kitchen, here is another cooking with kids activity–face sandwiches. Start with a slice of bread. Next, cover the slice with a slice of cheese or meat or another filling such as tuna salad. Next comes the fun part, the face. Cucumber, carrot, radish or tomato slices make the eyes. Olives or something small can be used for the nose. Mouths are a little trickier, but a carrot or celery stick will work or squeeze a line of ketchup. For hair, try lettuce or sprouts. The best part is the eating.

 How can this project help children prepare for kindergarten? It’s used lots of readiness skills: creating, planning, organizing, using visual details, measuring, and talking about what is happening. This simple activity has encouraged lots of problem-solving and thinking skills, and supports your child in becoming more self-reliant and independent. We don’t always realize how important these everyday activities can be in helping your child get ready for kindergarten. Can you suggest any other ideas for your moose on the loose?

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