Kindergarten Readiness – Moose #3

The moose may be on the loose but down on the farm the duck is on a bike. This is the title of a book that kids love “Duck on a Bike”. Reading to kids and telling them stories is a vital activity at the top of the list for kindergarten readiness. Simply stated, kids who are read to before they ever get to school become better readers and do better at school. In this story, the duck tries out a child’s bike and has an adventure.

Not only is this a cute story, but it can also be the starting point for talking about doing something new. Ask your child if s/he has ever wanted to try something that s/he has never done before. How did that feel to think about? Was it scary, exciting or maybe both? Lead into questions about kindergarten and check how your child feels about going off to school. Even wonderful adventures like kindergarten can be intimidating to four and five year olds. Enjoy the book; have you suggestions for others?

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