Kindergarten Readiness – W=Writing

The foundation needed for writing skills begins before children even arrive in kindergarten. The key concept is so basic that we just assume kids naturally understand, but that is not the case. Kids need lots of experiences with print to know that the squiggles and lines on the page contain meaning. Print contains ideas. Once children have this vital clue, they can then learn just what some of the squiggles and lines represent.  About the age of three or four, kids look and tell about pictures. Then, they can figure out that some pictures go with labels. They can print their name and maybe some others. They make scribbles and random letters to represent words. At four or five they may be able to copy simple words, perhaps print a few and begin to match letters and sounds.

To help establish this foundation, read lots of stories and books and point out the writing. “Oh, this is a picture of a wave, and right here this word says wave, too. Look at that.” If your child is ready, help to copy the word. Or spell a simple word with playdough.” These kinds of activities will help your child when it comes to being ready for kindergarten. Oh, and since this is W day, Washable Writing tools make for one less Wrinkle. Any Words of Wisdom that you’d like to Write?

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