Kindergarten Readiness – X=Midline Cross

I’ve been waiting and waiting for the letter X because X marks the spot, or in this case, a readiness skill to go with X. This skill is one of my favorites and every day at kindergarten we do this before we even start. It’s called connecting both sides of the brain and boosts brain power. With arms by your side, bend one arm up at the elbow so that the hand almost touches the shoulder. Now, with the opposite hand, touch the point of the elbow.  Now, bend the other arm and touch the bottom of the elbow with the other hand. Repeat a few times. That’s it. It’s a simple exercise but it connects the right and left halves of the brain so that they work together. We do a few more, variations, such as touching one shoulder with the opposite hand and one hip with the opposite hand. I call them shoulder hugs and hip hugs. Knee hugs are very tricky and challenging for little kids. Crossing this imaginary line that goes down thru the middle of our bodies, the mid-line, actually connects some wiring in the brain. Babies do this when crawling. Adults can do this, too. It can help think of an answer to something perplexing. (Plus, all of us need to appreciate ourselves and give ourselves hugs.)   Maybe that’s why we mark mistakes with the letter X. It’s just a signal that we need a little more brain power. Fire up your brain’s turbopower with the letter X!

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