Kindergarten Readiness – Mmmonday

Monday is a good day to practice the sound of the letter M. Practicing the sounds of letters and reading stories with words that rhyme is something that parents, daycares, and caregivers can do with kids at any age. Not only does this promote kindergarten readiness, it expands your child’s language ‘bank account’. To help your child prepare for kindergarten, check out a few little ideas to start the week with the readiness activities below.

What words start with the mmmm sound? Mitten, more, money, mat, mother, marshmallows, make, man and magic. What words have an m sound in the middle? Tummy, amber, umbrella. Are there some words with an mmm at the end? Bam, cam, what the fish said when it hit the brick wall, ham–ooh, Green Eggs and Ham, Sam-I am. Tim made jam. Maybe, Sam-I-am had some of that for breakfast, too. Is m the only letter that we can hum?

Time for some magic. Print a letter M and turn it upside down. Oh, oh, it turned into a W. Hold it up to the mirror. It looks just the same. It didn’t change at all. What else can we do that’s M? Some math? Maybe, marbles? Make a monster? What are your marvellous ideas?

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