Kindergarten Readiness – Apples for Lunch

Today, the school bell rings for me and that means back to packing a lunch. I went to the store to pick up needed items. While I was there so were lots of other families. Did you know that a trip to the store is a great time to help little ones learn lots of things they need to know for later on at kindergarten? The fruit section has a whole rainbow of colors: red apples, orange oranges, yellow bananas, green grapes, blue blueberries and purple plums. Vegetables, too. Store shelves have lots of different shape containers to practice circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles. There’s lots of opportunities for counting and simple adding and subtracting. Other learning includes comparing, vocabulary, sizes, noticing letters on packages, planning, choosing, and even debating, and presenting an argument. Children pick up social cues such as waiting for a turn, sharing available space, and how to use polite words. School isn’t the only place for learning, the grocery story has lessons, too. What other food for thought is at the store?

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