Kindergarten Readiness – Know..vember

November is a No month, (no sun, no picnics, no camping…see yesterday’s blog). But it is a good time for a “know” month.  Getting to know you, that is. For the month of November, we’ll explore some activities that help kids to learn about themselves and others, too. Social skills and knowledge are more than an area of  kindergarten readiness. They are a significant part of every single day for all of us.

Some of the activities this month have a picture component and can be collected together to make your child’s very own All About Me book. To start, have your child draw a picture of him/herself. You can print: My name is _________ . Your child may be able to write on the line. If not, you can print your child’s name and your child may be able to trace over the letters using a marker. With your help to guide a hand, even 3-year-olds may be interested in how to write out their name. For littler tots, you might choose to take a photo and have your child make a few colored scribbles on the page. This helps build the connection between meaning and writing. When done, read the words together, pointing at them as you read. Let your child point, too, and ‘read’ them to you. This activity covers all sorts of learning. It helps your child feel important and special. Save the page and check back tomorrow for page 2. (Add a comment, so I can get to know you, too.)

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