Kindergarten Readiness – Child’s First Book

Yesterday, being at the start of Know..vember, kids started their very own getting to know book called All About Me. The first page was your child’s drawing of him or herself. Today’s page starts with a look in the mirror and you can combine this activity with getting ready to go somewhere. Have your child look in the mirror and notice the color of his/her hair. Does it look like your hair? Does anyone else in the family or the childcare center have hair like that? Talk about some words for hair and hairstyles: long, short, curly, frizzy, ponytails, spikes. There are words for the color of hair, too, like blond, dark, brown, black or red. Think of some animals that have hair. If you go out, notice that there’s lots of different ways and colors of hair.

Hair & Headdress

For this page, just print on a paper:   My hair is ___________. Your child can copy or print or you can print and, perhaps, help your little one trace the word. Read it together pointing at the words. Your child can draw a picture or you may want to take a photo or even tape in a lock of hair.

In case it’s a bad hair day, read the story of “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. (There were a couple short Youtubes of this book, too.) Helping children notice how we are alike and different at the same time is important for their social development. Noticing details about themselves and others helps their awareness and kindergarten readiness. Will this idea make your day less hairy?

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